I’ve been consulting, and occasionally teaching on the university level, for over twenty years, helping others define and reach their goals. I’ve worked with everyone from those within Fortune 100 companies to individuals just starting out. Nothing is more rewarding to me than to see others (and you) make a plan and/or take the next step in the direction they (you) want to go.

Denise Dahl, MPA

Directional Consulting is the one on one change agent, consulting, goal setting, and goal getting component of my training company Epiphany Planning & Development, LLC.

What People Say

Rue Patel, While Plant Manager at General Mills, “I have been very impressed with Denise’s approach and focus. The results have been outstanding, and our young leader is now ready to formally take the next step in our company!”

Laura Smith Juarez, Advisor With Expertise In Strategy, Stakeholder Capitalism, Conscious Leadership, Engaged Culture, and Organizational Wellbeing. “Denise is both analytical and intuitive, a fabulous listener, and succinct solution creator. She is gifted at creating efficient pathways from as is to desired state as well as encouraging creative solutions that create next level performance results. She has a quick mind, fun and engaging style, and passion for her clients.”

Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

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